Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians, Inc.
Countess de Markievicz Division #1

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Who are the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians?

The Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians was organized in Omaha, Nebraska, in 1894 as the “Daughters of Erin,” which pledged itself to God and Country. At the National Convention of the Ancient Order of Hibernians (organized in 1836 in New York) held in Saratoga Springs in 1906, the name of the organization was changed to the Ladies Auxiliary to the Ancient Order of Hibernians and functioned as a separate organization. At the National Convention in 1984 held in Albany, New York, the name was changed to the “Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians.” At its founding, the primary purpose of the LAOH was to protect young immigrant Irish girls, assist them in securing employment, and provide social interaction with Irish and Irish Americans to help them from becoming homesick and discouraged.

The motto of the Ladies Ancient Order of Hibernians is “Friendship, Unity and Christian Charity.” St. Brigid is the patron saint of our organization. Our purpose is to promote Friendship, Unity, and Christian Charity among our members, to foster and sustain loyalty to our country and community, to aid and advance by legitimate means the aspirations and endeavors of all Irish people for a Irish Republic which shall include all 32 counties of Ireland, to promote Irish history, traditions, and culture, and to support the Church through mission work and Catholic action activities.

Our organization is open to any woman who is Irish by birth or descent, or is married to an AOH member, or is the mother of an LAOH or AOH member, is a practicing Catholic, and is at least 16 years of age.

Applications for membership are on the bulletin board just inside Tara Hall. If you have questions, please contact our Membership Chair, Maureen Lovell @ 614-459-0000 or via email @ You may also download a form off of the LAOH national web site @ Click on the link "Divisions and memberhsip" and then on the link "Click here to download application".

Member Spotlight: Sr. Christella Ritchey, OSF
Division Chaplain and LAOH Ohio State Board Chaplain

I have been a member for 10 years.. I have truly enjoued being part of the LAOH--it amazes me the willingness to raise money to give it away. And the motto is so wonderful to hear peple say and live by.

What made me join the LAOH?  I didn't know about the organization but when asked to be Chaplain, it sounded very good to me. I am very happy I said yes!
Favorite Hibernian activity:  It is hard to say....probably the craft sale.
Dessert:  homemade whatever.
Color:  Was blue, now it is gren 
Restaurant:  Panera for soup or Max & Erma's
TV Show:  College football & basketball
Musical Artist:  not a group: Neil Diamond
Movie:  right now it would be The King's Speech. I am not into movies---that is the most recent I have seen in 19 years.

Member Spotlight: Teresa Harris

Current Division President
How long how you been a member - Since August 2008

What made you join the LAOH - My husband was joining the AOH and I was not familiar with the LAOH, so I wanted to check it out and see if I liked it. Since I am now President, I think I like it just fine.

What is your favorite Hibernian activity - Just being with all of my Sister Hibernians, doing works of charity and having fun while doing it.

What is your favorite:
     Dessert - Cheesecake
     Color - Blue
     Restaurant - Max and Erma's
     TV Show - I don't watch much TV, but I guess America's Funniest Home Videos 
      Musical Group - ABBA
      Movie - Medicine Man with Sean Connery

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